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what we do

Sourcing specialist for critical supplies

CobaMed is a leading specialist that helps organizations in several sectors as Healthcare, Life Science, Food, High Tech, and the facility industry to secure the availability of critical products and commodities. Our global network of CobaMed offices, partners, manufacturers, and logistics providers, combined with long term relevant proven experience and a strong financial foundation, helps organizations to get access to their critical supplies. Fast, reliable, high quality at market conform prices or even below.

We help you to support the community – we care for community.

Cobamed, your global partner

Photo by Anna Shvets.

Direct sourced


The CobaMed product portfolio is based on the changing demands of clients in multiple Industries.
As a result of the Covid–19 Pandemic and increased demand for personal protective equipment (PPE)
and healthcare supplies, our actual focus is on the delivery of these products, such as examination gloves, surgical gloves, PCR tests and Covid-19 antigen tests. We only work with reliable and high-quality manufacturers with a proven track record.

Our Products

Where we are


CobaMed provides products for various industries.

Why CobaMed

CobaMed can help you with the availability of your critical products in a way that is unique in the market. Our passion is to make our clients successful. We do that thru:

1. Top quality products

We only work with trusted brands and products that meet our strict compliance check and quality requirements or certificates to assure best in class products at commentative prices.

2. Maximum flexibility to support customer requirements

We are creative to help provide you peace of mind. We always find solutions to meet and exceed your needs and support you in small and large products volumes and challenging requirements.

3. Passionate people with a strong customer focus

Our team has 200+ year of experience in healthcare, logistics, quality management and sourcing. We are only satisfied when we see a happy smile on your face. We care for our community and are a proud supporter of the UN sustainability goals.

4. Smart and flexible logistics solutions

Logistics is the blood in our veins. Our extensive network of trusted global partners, combined with our in-house expertise, provides the best logistics solution for you to get the products fast, safe and in a cost-effective way to the final consumer in your organization.

5. Reliability, integrity, and low risk

CobaMed has a strong financial and reliable foundation as part of the 31-year-old Cootjans group of companies. We invest on your behalf and let you profit from our extensive expertise, experience, supplier network, and logistics. We provide the financial needs to source, buy and finance the best products on your behalf. Excluding all risk for you.
the difference


Combining a huge proven expertise and network in the areas of medical products and devices, global supply chain, production, global trading and innovation.


CobaMed has an extensive global network of suppliers with focus on leading development and production countries such as China, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and India. We have relationships with many major manufacturers of medical devices and disposables and access to production capacity of critical supplies. Our logistics infrastructure and expertise in compliance and quality mitigates risk for our clients and secures timely and quality deliveries.

Global Sourcing.

CobaMed helps clients to find, source and supply critical products in all types of industries. Our global sourcing team acts as an extension of your purchasing group and provides the expertise on international sourcing, import and financial processes. We make complexity easy for you and source your products fast and easy from all over the globe.

Supply chain Services.

CobaMed is founded by logistics veterans with 80 year plus global supply chain expertise in multiple industries like for instance healthcare. We understand the challenges of our clients and provide flexible, tailor made and state of the art logistics solutions and services that exceeds every previous experience.

about us

Who is CobaMed

CobaMed is part of the Cootjans Beheer group of companies.
Cootjans Beheer BV is registered in The Netherlands and exists since 1989. The group includes 31 operating companies with activities in a wide range of industries, such as logistics, food Industry, medical devices and disposables, real estate, elderly – and care homes and media.

CobaMed is a full-service provider of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Medical Devices with its HQ in The Netherlands and offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, US, Uruguay, Argentina, Thailand and India. CobaMed has a reputable track record of innovation and efficiency.


Valkenswaard, The Netherlands

+31 657765304